Steps to Buying a Home

A condo in Vancouver that has sat empty for more than 20 years is for sale.
February 16, 2017

1. Determine Your Real Estate Purchasing Power (Budget)

Visit a financial institution to obtain a pre-approved mortgage. A pre-approved mortgage gives you peace of mind knowing that you will have the money ready to use as soon as you find your ‘castle’. You can do your own budget estimate. A realistic budget helps to narrow down your home-search effort which, in turn, helps you to save valuable time. If you wish, Agnes can connect you with a mortgage specialist who can help you to establish a budget.

Be aware that Pre-Approved Financing May Not Be Enough For Home Purchase. Obtain a Letter Of Committment from your financial institution to ensure the fund is ready when you need it.

For renters in the Peel Region, check out The Home in Peel Affordable Ownership Program Also, check out the Government Programs For Home Buyers And Property Owners.

2. Determine Where You Want To Live (Location)

Depending on your life style needs, identify an area or community where you want to settle-in. Make a ‘wish list’ of all the facilities you want to be close to – e.g. schools, parks, community recreation center, golf course, public transportation and travelling time to your work place etc.  It is essential that the area matches your lifestyle and meets your family’s needs.  If you are internet-savvy, you can find a lot of community information by surfing the web.  If you are busy with your work and family life, hire Agnes to help you to locate the community that fits your lifestyle and yours family’s needs.

3. Determine When To Move and What Features You Want In Your ‘Castle’

Make a ‘wish list’ for all the amenities you want in your new home. Differentiate what you need versus what you want and then prioritize. This will help you to make your final purchasing decision in the buying process.

4. Hire a local Realtor (preferably me) At No Cost To Represent Your Interest

Usually the buyer does not pay the sales commission. The Seller does. It will be to the buyer’s benefits and advantage to retain a Realtor to represent the buyer’s best interests. If you are planning on using the same listing agent who represents the seller, you will create a potential conflict of interest situation in the real estate transaction. If you are planning to use a Lawyer to prepare all the purchase agreements and negotiate the offer on your behalf, you will be paying considerably higher legal fees. So why not retain Agnes to represent you, the Buyer? Agnes will guide you through a pre-planned proven process of purchasing a home at no costs to you. You will still need to retain a lawyer to complete the closing transaction. If you wish, Agnes can refer you to a lawyer.  If you have already hired a Realtor, legally Agnes can no longer assist you.  However, feel free to browse the web site for useful information.

In Keller Williams, we believe in  “Teamwork:  together everyone achieves more”.  We work together to provide the best possible results.

Your home is a BIG lifetime investment, it deserves the service of a professional Realtor.  See How Realtors Help and find out the True Value Of A REALTOR® For A Buyer  Learn about the benefits of a Buyer Representation Agreement and ask your Realtor to put their commitment in ink.

5. Search And View A Property

KWBannerThere are information you cannot find on the internet but available to Realtors. Agnes will research for the home you want, based on your ‘wish list’. She will inform you when a match is found and arrange for a viewing time that is mutually convenient to you and the seller. If you find a home on the web, let Agnes know. She will ensure that the home you are interested in indeed matches to your ‘wish list’ before heading out for a viewing. This will save you time, effort and reduce disappointment when viewing the home.

Purchasing your ‘castle’ is an experience, you should enjoy the searching and viewing experience and be excited about the purchase.  You do not purchase a home everyday, do you?  So, make sure you enjoy the journey.  Click on the Sand Castle or

6. Make An offer, Home Inspection, Insurance etc.

signature service

When you are satisfied and made your decision to make an offer to purchase a home, Agnes will prepare the documents and negotiate the price on your behalf. She will explain to you all the important things that you need to look after when making an offer.

In Keller William, we believe in  Team Work to service our clients.

7. Close The Deal

Handing Over the Keys

Accepting an offer is one thing, ensuring a safe and successful closing is another. Should issues arise during transaction closing, Agnes can facilitate to resolve issues in a timely manner to ensure that the buyer and seller lawyers can close the deal smoothly.

In Keller William, we believe in “Customers:  Always Comes First”.

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